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Restraint Terms of Contract


Font software is something that is licensed, rather then sold to end users. The intellectual property as well as the digital data remains the property of the Licensor. When you submit your payment, this is a request for a font license to be granted to you (the ‘Licensee’) by the designer/type foundry (the ‘Licensor’). It is the potential licensee’s obligation to agree in principal to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to requesting a license. The basic EULA is posted as a specimen only—when you are approved as a licensee you will be issued a copy of the EULA with your name included. If you do not agree to any of the terms in the sample EULA, please do not request a license to be granted to you. If you do not believe that the font software and the designs and artwork it represents is the intellectual property of the licensor then please do not request a license to be granted to you. Once a EULA has been issued it is a binding agreement between the Licensor and Licensee. It grants you rights to use the font software only as described within that agreement. You are not authorized to use the Font Software if a valid license has not been granted to you. License fees are non-refundable.


If you have any doubts whether your potential usage of the font is within the bounds of the agreement, then please contact us before use. Please retain copies of any emails which relate to usage (if you ask ‘can I use the font for x-project?’ and we answer back that you can or can not, please keep a copy of such correspondence as it may constitute an ammendment to your license agreement). If you believe that any of the terms of the EULA are invalid, illegal or would otherwise cause you to violate the terms, please do not request a license.


You are responsible for the software issued and licensed to you. If you suspect unauthorized copies of the font software have been made or distributed from your copy, please report such incidences to us.


Knowingly copying or distributing the font software outside the terms of the EULA is a breach of contract; damages may be sought for any unauthorized copies and/or your license may be revoked and the incident may be reported to other software vendors or monitoring organizations.



The font software contains no warranty or guarantee of fitness. We do strive to make software of the highest caliber and to the appropriate specifications and standards. However, due to the nature of how font software may be used and interpreted, we can not guarantee that it will work as expected under all conditions. Other software manufacturers ‘interpret’ font software and may have their own interpretation of specifications or indeed may have functional errors which cause problems using the fonts. Please do report any problems you encounter, along with the program or utility and operating system and we will attempt to either rectify the situation or explain the error. We will not be held accountable for any damages caused by, or perceived to be caused by, the font software.