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Many languages have been ignored by the typographic community. In the age of computer typesetting, these languages and their literatures have been served by well-intentioned, but basic type solutions — solutions which would be balked at by typographers, but nonetheless served at least their basic function. This is not a disparagement of such efforts, often undertaken by individuals with few resources or much knowledge in the fineries of type design. It is rather an acknowledgement that so many cultures have been under-served by the typographic community, whose contribution could in some small way assist in not only the preservation of endangered languages through publishing, but also to contribute to the ability to render those languages in beautiful ways.

To that end, Huronia aims to not only provide basic language support for all American languages, but to extend that across styles and variants when appropriate—ie. matching character support for small capitals, italic and bold and a variety of ways to enter the text.


PDF Link Huronia Complete Development Specimen


We are in the process of re-vamping our website and online store. To enquire about either the Latin edition or the 'Complete' addition, which includes the extensive Native American language support, please contact


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