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Tiro Typeworks


A series of resources for font developers, end-users, language and type enthusiasts, including encodings, character set management and Python scripts for use in conjunction with Fontlab, as well as utilities, fonts, keyboard drivers and research materials.

Developer Resources

A series of resources for font developers. Refer to readme files included in downloadable archives for install and usage notes.

Fontlab related:
Naming files [.nam]:
maps unicode values to Postscript names
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Tiro Encoding files [.enc]:
A series of ‘encoding’ files which use Postscript names to build and manage character/glyph sets. Includes both production naming schemes as well as AGL-compliant naming schemes; these can be mapped from production to AGL and back using a renaming script (see Fontlab Python Resources) in conjunction with renaming files.
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Re-Naming files [.ren]:
Used in conjunction with renaming script (Rename by Scheme by TTG] and Tiro encoding schemes.
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The whole kit & kaboodle:
All the above files in a single archive.
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Readme’s for .nam files are included in each as comments at the beginning of each text.



Encoding files (.enc) should be placed into FontLab’s ‘Encoding’ directory. Naming files (.nam) should be placed in FontLab’s ‘Mapping’ directory.


Renaming and other Python scripts require FontLab 4.5 or later and Python 2.2.1 installed (Windows or Macintosh).

User Resources

Resources } Syllabics Resources
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Euphemia specimen
Inuktitut Syllabics Resources
Some files, fonts, keyboard drivers and links related to Inuktitut syllabics.

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