In this section you will find various resources and links to articles related to North American syllabic writing systems, including the Canadian Syllabic script as well as the Cherokee script. Various fonts for these scripts are also available, including Euphemia and Plantagenet Cherokee.

Those who are familiar with the old Tiro syllabic website will still find most of the material and files that were contained there, but the content has been reorganized to fit into the structure of the new Tiro website, rather than being a separate sub-site.

Fonts } Euphemia

Euphemia & Uqammaq
Two Font Families for Inuktitut & Cree

Both typefaces have support for the latin script as well as Canadian Syllabics. Euphemia covers most languages which use the Canadian Syllabic script including various Cree orthographies, Inuktitut and the historical Carrier script. Both font families are available with free licenses to end users.



Wawatay font

A New Font Family for Inuktitut & Cree. This family will include regular, italic and bold fonts.

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Articles & Projects

James Evans, a short biography

History of Canadian Syllabics series I

In the wilderness of Rupert's Land, a Wesleyan missionary, James Evans, develops a new writing system for the Cree language. Deprived of the materials necessary for printing, he manufactures his own; casting type and printing using the limited resources available to him.


   See Also: Typefounding on the Frontier




Resources } Syllabics Resources
Inuktitut Syllabics Resources
Some files, fonts, keyboard drivers and links related to Inuktitut syllabics.



Plantagenet Cherokee
A new typeface for Cherokee

Plantagenet Cherokee is a Unicode-encoded typeface which supports the Cherokee script as well as basic Latin (Windows 1252) and is available for purchase in one style.



Articles & Projects
.............. Edmund Peck

History of Canadian Syllabics series II

An Anglican missionary in the north develops grammars and introduces the syllabic script to the Inuit of Baffin Island.





Articles & Projects

The Rossville Mission Press

History of Canadian Syllabics series III

A few reproductions of one of the earliest imprints of the Rossville Mission Press and the Press after Evans.




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